Kinect Sensor Bar

XBox Kinect Sensor Bar

XBox Kinect Sensor Bar

If you love gaming and are looking for a completely new and innovative way to play that the whole family is sure to love then you will be pleased to hear that the XBox Kinect Sensor Bar for xBox 360 is here, bringing gaming to a whole new level.

The XBox Kinect Sensor Bar really brings the action and adventures of games to life by putting you in the centre of the experience. With no controller required, you are in control and have the freedom to move your body, bringing fantasy once step closer to reality!


The XBox 360 Kinect Sensor Bar is the new hot technology toy this holiday season and there will be only limited quantities in stock. This toy is expected to sell out fast this Christmas. We recommend to buy it early enough in advance, so you don't risk disappointment.



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XBox Kinect Sensor: Bringing Gaming To a Whole New Level!

Complete with revolutionary technology allowing for body recognition, depth Camera with 640x480 pixel resolution, Color VGA Motion Camera 640x480 with pixel resolution as well as four microphones to support voice recognition, this amazing addition to Xbox truly expands the gaming experience and exhibits technology at its best.

The XBox Kinect Sensor bar includes the Kinect Adventures Game allowing the whole family to experience the brilliance of this innovative gaming experience as soon as the box is opened! This fantastic game will allow you to float in outer space, explore roaring rapids, tackle an array of obstacles even dive to explore an underwater observatory! Best of all you will be fully immersed into these adventures straight form the comfort of your living room.

With this fantastic game you are the controller and will have to dodge, kick and jump your way through the exotic locations that you will be exploring. Say goodbye to wires and plastic controller separating you from the exciting world of gaming. Just step in front of the XBox Kinect Sensor bar and you will be instantly transported into fantastically imaginative adventures!

What’s more this cool sensor isn’t just brilliant for gaming; it also takes watching movies to a new level. With voice recognition you will be able to ‘tell’ the DVD’s to play, pause and rewind. In addition with just a wave of the hand you will also be able to control HD movies, bring the experience well into innovative technology.

Watch this video to see XBox Kinect in action

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The best points about this newest addition to the Xbox are definitely the new found freedom in gaming resulting form the body recognition technology and the cool new way of controlling movies. The XBox 360 Kinect Sensor Bar is a great addition that the whole family can enjoy and in addition, comes complete with a game enabling the whole family to have a go at this completely new way of gaming as soon as the box is opened. It also takes the gaming experience of the sofa, providing plenty of opportunity for physical movement, making it an excellent way to combine play time with exercise.

It really is very hard to fault the newest addition to Xbox, as it is completely new in the world of gaming and adds so much more to the gaming experience. However it must be said, that in order to be able to enjoy what this cool gadget offers you really do need to have some space in front of the TV to be able to jump, swing your arms around and run on the spot.

All in all, the XBox Kinect Sensor Bar is extremely fun and guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!

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